At Beautè on the Mall we welcome you into an environment of relaxation and comfort. We guarantee professional treatments utilising the latest in Ella Bachè cosmetic ingredients. We offer Alice Springs clientele the most modern treatments available in the industry today.

Let our skin therapists arrange a free skin diagnosis and give you the information required to effectively achieve or maintain great results on your skin. All of our facials and body treatments are teamed with a day to day maintenance home care routine to ensure faster, continuous and optimum results.

Beautè in the Mall was established in early 2000 when proprietor Theresa Coccetti found that Alice Springs had a need for a salon that was dedicated to improving and fixing skin concerns as well as offering traditional beauty and relaxation treatments.

The salon introduced Ella Bachè skincare and have also some of the leading equipment that works in conjunction with their facial treatments. A visiting cosmetic physician visits the salon on a regular basis. Dr Kushelew offers dermal fillers to replace the body's natural collagen and anti wrinkle micro-injections to treat facial lines. Dr. Kushelew is well recognised nationally and her clinic is one of the leading clinics in Australia.